Our Junk

Given the fact that the PA6NL group is operational for many, many years we use stuff which has worn out quite a lot.

However we feel that changing it would give us too much advantage....


The main power distribution board and its well used connector.



The connector to the 10 GHz high voltage power supply. It carries approx. 5 KV.



It's always difficult to keep your big feet of the HV connector....









 The 220 V distribution board in full use.

Note the excellent repair of the 220V cord of the electronic keyer. (It came loose again this time)










 One of the important 220 V connection points of the tower.

It still works, but every time we forget to buy a new outlet.

But who cares. It has been like this for many years...









The coaxial cable for the west dish has been molested some time ago. A huge dent is clearly visible.

Because the mechanical strength is weakened some reinforcement is necessary.

The  wooden support works fine and we are surely the only SHF station with wood-assisted coax !!









The 2 m dish is not 100% anymore. With some ty-wraps some cuts in the mesh are repaired.












The station for 23, 13, 9, 6, 3 and 1.2 cm

Work on the roof

The junk we operate with... An impression of all the (very) old stuff we use.

What went wrong THIS time.....

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