The SHF Station



Within a timeframe of 1 hour the station is ready. That is to say; everything below the roof. The antenna work takes a bit more time. (but ONLY a bit...)


Left : an overview of the station


Lower left : the operator position for 9, 6, 3 and 1.2 cm. The headphone is over 10 years old!! The FT 221 is at least twice as old.

Lower right : the operator position for 23 and 13 cm. IC 202's of 20 year old are used as exciters.

The two on the left for 23 cm (east and west system) The one on the right for 13 cm.














Our packet station

Given the fact that our 70 cm station is operated from another tower a dedicated packet link is used to pass the various "skeds" between the two locations. Some modified PMR transceivers are used for this purpose. The little box contains 5 leds which start flashing as soon as a new message comes in. The PC is used for distance and bearing calculations as well.

(the PC is an old  Pentium-2 which was traded for a strawberry pie) 

The packet link ALWAYS gives trouble, so this time a new set-up was tried (with great success) by Marco.

In the picture on the right Marco PE2MB is modifying his 50 Mc antenna so it can be used on 145 Mc.

Work on the roof

The junk we operate with... An impression of all the (very) old stuff we use.

What went wrong THIS time.....

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