The antenna location



Marcel PA3AZK is installing the mount for the LPD while Marco PE2MB prepares the connection of the rotor pipe. The 6cm and 3 cm dishes are still lying on the roof.


 Henk PA0C is tightening one of the clamps which fixes the mast of the west dish to the tower.

The radiation pattern of one of the co-located networks is "improved" to allow free 360 degree rotation of the dish.


We all got a nice sun tan while working on the roof. There was almost no wind (a rare phenomenon) and the temperature was around 20C.







Our magic LPD's


The station for 23, 13, 9, 6, 3 and 1.2 cm

The junk we operate with... An impression of all the (very) old stuff we use

What went wrong THIS time.....

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