VHF amplifier with QBL 5/3500


On the following pages you will find information about my VHF amplifier with a QBL 5/3500.

The anode compartment and cathode compartment of the amplifier are shown in various pictures. Tube socket details are given as well.

My hand written schematics are included (and will be replaced by better looking ones in the future).

The G1 and G2 power supplies are finished. For the HV power supply a temporary one is used until my new 3 phase power supply is finalized.

For back-up a "small" one phase HV power supply was build.

Here you will find mechanical information, design details and pictures of the "difficult" parts.

The protection circuit is described over here. The schematics are given as well.

To prevent you from making the same mistakes as I did I included some of my own.

Tests were carried out on my high power dummy load.

Recently I did change the cooling of the PA. A 3 phase blower was used to get a maximum air temperature of 60 degrees Celcius.

A new 10 KVA high voltage power supply was built in a 19 inch rack.