The October UHF / SHF contest 2004

Disaster strikes again

The 432 Mc station

The preparation

The routine is known by now.... We always start with some coffe, tea and a casual chat in a restaurant located near the harbour.


The building is an old machinery shop of the Navy, called "De Torpedo loods" (the torpedo shop"). In the old days the Navy stored and repaired torpedos here.


Nowadays it is a restuarant with a nice view and excellent coffee.







Ron, DL3BPC and Henk, PA0C discussing the contest strategy ; just take it easy and have fun.

It turned out that the last part was no problem (it never is), but it certainly wasn't an easy contest this time.











Installing the station

Ron proudly showing the new power distributor. Left : Gert, PA3BZZ, loading the elevator with the 23cm -1.2 cm equipment.


The operator position for 23 and 13 cm. The PA on the right hand side would not survive the contest.

After approx. 2 hours it stopped producing rf with a big bang and a nice white flash.

We continued with the spare PA.










The antennas for 1.2, 3 and 6 cm can be seen on the left.

The 23/13/9cm dish of the east system is seen on the rigth.

The small Tonna antenna on top allows continuation of working on 23 cm while the disk is in use on 13 or 9 cm.










The 70cm tower as seen from the SHF location.

Two antenna systems (East / West) can be seen.

The take-off across the Northsea is quite OK, no obstructions what so ever (besides a passing ship from time to time)











Well before the start of the contest the whole station was finalised and we could enjoy the sun and passing ships from the balcony of the tower.

Hans, PE1CKK and Marcel, PA3AZK taking a sunbath while waiting for the contest to begin.










It looked as if everything would go on smoothly this time, however......disaster strikes again

The 432 Mc station

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