My Shack

My antennas


The current shack

The operator position                                                              The test and construction bench, with AM 6154 under test


The 19" racks with all the high power stuff...Middle rack, from top to bottom:

Water cooled 4CW800 PA

10GHz power supply

Blower unit and high power Rhode & Schwartz transfer relay

QBL 5/3500 PA

5.5 kV power supply QBL 5/3500

144 Mc 100W driver

"low" voltage cabinet QBL 5/3500

3.5 kV 3 phase power supply



On top of the left 19 inch rack the 23 cm transvertor and on top that one the 13 cm transvertor. Both use 28 Mc as input frequency. Both transvertors use an intermediate frequency in the 100-200 Mc range to obtain the final frequency output.

Both transvertors use 2C39 tubes in the final and have a closed circuit water cooling system.

Below a test set and a 1 kW hf PA. At the bottom two spare HV power supplies and 70 cm 100W driver.

The rack on the right mainly houses test equipment and PA's that are still being worked on (like 4CX1500 for 50 MHz and a dual 4CX800A PA for 144 MHz)

My antennas