My 10 GHz station

My 10 GHz station consists of the well known DB6NT 10GHz - 144Mc transvertor, a home made oscillator chain and a RW1125 TWT amplifier.

The transvertor, TWT and waveguide switch are mounted in a watertight box which is mounted at the back side of the antenna. The HT power supply and oscillator + first multiplier are located in the shack. The oscillator is 24/7 switched on to prevent frequency drift.


My station situated at the contest location of PA6NL.

This location is very close to the sea and on the bank of the sea route to the port of Rotterdam, the worlds largest harbor.

It is an excellent location for SHF, with free take-off in all directions.




Power supply

The power supply contains the various low voltages like 12V and 24 V, the digital TX-RX-sequencer and the Siemens high voltage unit.

A 24 V slow-start circuit is inserted between the 24V power supply and the Siemens high voltage unit to prevent damage of the switching transistors of the HV unit.

The Siemens HV unit can be seen on the right hand side and on the top in the right picture. It is more clearly seen below.



The voltage regulator for the heater has been modified.

Also a high voltage vacuum relay was added to allow switching of the tube.










The TWT used is the familiar Siemens RW1125. It is capable of providing a solid 22W to it's output connector.