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                               This site is dedicated to VHF and higher frequencies.

Station descriptions


Below you will find links to various station descriptions
  • PA0C   : History and description of my current station
  • PI7CIS : Description of my VHF/UHF beacon station
  • PA6NL : Impression of my contest activities


Below you will find links to my various VHF / UHF amplifiers

Included are descriptions, pictures, power supplies, protection circuits, information for

building your own, calculations, etc.


10 Ghz




144 Mc E-skip        Status

Solar X-rays            Status

Geomagnetic field  Status

VHF Aurora          Status

Expected Kp         Status  

Sun spots                Status


Nostalgic 144Mc equipment

Some of my old 144Mc transceivers


Modifications, repair, etc.

FT 847

TS 830




PA0C (at) amsat (dot) org


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